Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sun Halo

Last week we were blessed with 3 days of sun, in-a-row!  Ok, I know that that is normal for all you Eastern Washington folks but over here on the westside it is a rare occurance.  Friday was beautiful, but according to the good ol' weather man we would be experiencing increasing clouds in the evening - bummer!  Anyway, I stopped at Target on my way home and just happened to look up at the sky while walking to my car (random I know).  This is what I saw...

I thought I was losing my mind and with all the hoopla about the end of the world on Saturday, I REALLY thought I was loosing my mind.  I called Adam who was at home and had him go outside and look up to verify that I wasn't seeing things.  He saw the same thing and quickly took pictures before it dissapeared.  Neither of us had ever seen this before so we logged on to and discovered this was called a Sun Halo. High clouds made of tiny ice crystals just happened to be in the perfect spot to make a halo around the sun that looked like a circular rainbow.  It was so cool - and who knows when will see it again.  Lets hope the sun decides to come out to play again soon. This rainy, cold weather is for the birds!

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